Profile: Green Dragon


Green Dragon

Secret Identity: 

Hisako Fujiwara










Ex Draco Vintex

Mentor to Wonder Vixen




Kingston Falls, New England


Akio Yamamoto (deceased)


Wonder Vixen

Sensational Fox (deceased)

Liz Shaw

Suvi Chambers



-G.I. Payne



-Dragon Strength

-Dragon Vision

-Supernatural Endurance 


-Scaled Armor skin

-Decelerated Aging

-Shape shift into a green Asian Dragon

-Control over water

-Flight with wing manifestation 


-Shape shifting takes energy to preform and burns up energy while in Dragon form


-Allergic to gold


Train Wonder Vixen


Serious and straight forward. Honorable. Extremely knowledgeable of global combat, langue, and history.

Community Relationship: 

Unknown to the public


Full body fitting suit with dark green scales.


Dragon Wings


In the late 1700s, a young child was taken by a group known as House of Tatsu. This child would be given the name Hisako Fujiwara. She would be trained in every known form of combat and problem solving skills. At age 16 Hisako took part in the Rites of Ryuu. Passing with flying colors, she was aloud to receive the blessing of Relonikiv, Goddess of Dragons. This gift grained Hisako with supernatural abilities. Next few years she would learn how to use and control her abilities while finding her own limits. In time she would become a Draco Warrior. Destined to protect Japan and keep balance.

During the 1900s Hisako learned that North America had humans with super abilities. Hisako took a secret mission to America to find the truth and discovered a teenage girl who would dress up in color outfits and wear a mask. This girl called herself Sensational Fox. Hisako would reveal herself to Fox out of a need for knowledge. In time, Hisako would make her first friend. Hisako would pass her knowledge and skills to Fox, in hopes to keep her safe. In return, Fox would show Hisako what it is like to be normal. Fox even gave her a codename. Green Dragon.

For years their friendship bloom. Hisako would adopt Sensational Fox’s values by hiding her identity behind a mask. Making a life of her own and finding a husband, Akio Yamamoto. She also became the God Mother of Fox’s first son, Drake.  Then the Dark Times came. Hisako lost everything she has grown to love. Like dominoes, they fell. Her husband disappeared. Her God Son murdered. Her best friend snuffed out in front of her eyes. The House of Tatsu disowned her. Hisako was alone with no purpose. All because she wanted a normal life.

In the years that passed Hisako denounced her given name. Taking the name Green Dragon i honor of her fallen friend. Green Dragon would roam across the globe. Picking up new skills and knowledge wherever she’d go. As the the year 2018 rolled around, she came across a blog post about some hero. This blogger named the hero, Wonder Vixen. Green Dragon tried to ignore it but had to know. When she went to find this Wonder Vixen, she found another teenage girl choosing to fight for the innocent. While Dragon was looking on, Vixen began to lose the battle. Not wanting to another heroine fall, she swoops in for the save. Afterwards Dragon felt this was where she is needed. To help train this Wonder Vixen in hopes that history won’t repeat itself.


Awaken The Senses: Super Myth?

There was a time when humans with abilities roam the earth. No one knew where they came from. Were they born this way? Did they discover them? Did they see these abilities as a gift or a curse? Why was it always women?

These super women became heroes. Using their abilities to fight against injustice and corruption. But one dark day later, they were gone. They say one of the super women had a change of heart and destroyed all the supers. What could have turned a heroine into a villainess? Was she brainwashed? Blackmailed? Perhaps she fell in love with the wrong person? Jealousy? We may never know. I mean, these are all stories. Fairytales. They are the stuff of myth and legends. The government never acknowledged that they existed. They might as well be Bigfoot as far as most people are concerned.

What if they were real? What if some still exists? Few years back I came across some myths about dragon warriors in Japan. From what information I could find, it sounds like they were something like our superheroes.

Today superheroines are stories we tell our children to teach them right and wrong. Maybe they are just fairy tales. However I want to believe. Something happened to inspire these tales. Perhaps they still exist, hiding among us. Who’s to say they won’t return when we need them. All I know is I will be looking to sky. Hoping for an answer.

Have a brew-tiful day!
Liz Shaw

Tossing Around Ideas

Thinking of a new character named Edward Lionheart. He is a serial killer who targets young blonde college women.

His father died before he was born. During a store robbery, the gunman was going to murder the clerk(young blonde college age) and his father tried to stop the gunman but was shot.

Mother was a prostitute who treated Edward as a burden.

Ed grows into a handsome man which he uses to his advantage when targeting women.

As a kid he is picked up by an older man who rapes him. Later on in high school, he’s sexually assaulted by a male teacher. These could be part of his reasons. Targeting women who looks like the girl his father died for. Taking their life because they took his father’s. Men make him feel powerless. This vulnerability angers Ed taking it out on the women. Raping them to feel the power that the men who raped him felt.

The story I am thinking of leads him to target Amelia (Wonder Vixen)

Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions would be great! Please comment them or if you’re on twitter, tweet me or DM me.

The Price is Deadly

My attempt at writing a story from 3rd person. Not finished but wanted to share what I have so far. It’s back story type stuff.



Leonard Price was the CEO of a pharmaceutical multinational corporation, Price Pharmaceuticals, based in New Boston. He was born into his wealth and went into the family business when he turn 18. He was a movie buff and one actress caught his eye. So much he had to meet her.

Edith Wray was a legendary scream queen. Staring in numerous horror films such as Sins of the Mother and Wall of Lies. She also produced the cult classic: Suicide Trees.

Edith was filming Phage when she met Leonard Price. The two hit off immediately and were engaged 6 months later. 2 years later they had twins, Victor and Victoria.

They seem to be a happy family. Victor and Victoria loved to play hide and seek. It was their favorite game. During their 9th birthday they were running around the house, playing games. Edith was reading over a script when she heard a thud. It was quiet before she heard a scream. She rushed out of her steady to find the nanny crying over the lifeless body of Victor. It appears he fell down the stairs and broke his neck. Edith panticed as she searched for Victoria. After a few moments she found her hiding in a closet upstairs.

Things were never the same after that night. Edith started transitioning into producing while Leonard started spending more time at home. Edith and Leonard were more protective of Victoria from then on. Victoria kept to herself a lot. She was brilliant. Graduating with honors. While her father wanted her to go into the family business, her mother encouraged her to follow her own passions.

Victoria took her mother’s advice and enrolled at Grand Lakes University. Studying Physics and Biotechnology. Earning a doctorate and Bachelor degrees.

After college, Victoria skipped going home and took a trip to Europe. While seeing the sights and culture was her main focus, she also made some contacts in science and politics. Victoria was interested in either starting her own scientific company or perhaps buying one. Her father had no interest in expanding the family business. Having friends in power could prove to be beneficial when starting a business venture.

After her extensive trip, she was finally ready to head home. The family reunion was a pleasant one. Victoria had miss her mother and was eager to talk business with her father.

Leonard had no interest in his daughter’s grand plans. Price Pharmaceuticals was doing great and he seen no need to expand into other markets. Investing into his daughter’s science company would be a fruitless pursuit. He encourage her to join his company where she’d be set for life.

Victoria was visablly upset and would not take no for an answer. After unpacking she became emailing and calling her contacts. Forming a plan to convince her father that her ideas aren’t fruitless. Unfortunately she never had the chance.

Edith was set to receive an Lifetime Achievement award from New Mass Horror. While Leonard and Victoria weren’t seeing eye to eye, they were able to put it aside for one night. Edith was in tears as she gave her speech. For the first time publicly she spoke about Victor’s death and how it effected her career.

After the ceremony the three attended an after party. A number of producers, writers, and directors persuade Victoria in hopes she might follow in her mother’s footsteps. Victoria was flatter but had her mind set elsewhere. She was ready to leave but her parents were still mingling so she called for a cab and headed home.

Victoria woke up to the doorbell ringing. She walked down stairs haft and answered the door. To her surprise it was the police. They informed her parents were hit by a drunk driver as they left the after party. The drunk driver survived but her parents were not so luck. Victoria broke down crying. She couldn’t believe that they were gone. She was all alone now.

Later that night at Sapphire Lake General, Danny Winfrey was waking up in his hospital bed. As he got his barons he noticed a shadowy figure. Danny froze in fear. He spoke to the figure as if he knew them. “Look, I did what you asked. They believe it was an accident. It’s not my fault I didn’t die. I…”

The shadowy figure put it’s black gloved hand over his lips as it stuck him with a needle in her hip. Danny started feeling a pain in chest and the figure left as he drew his final breath. His body was found the next morning and it was declared he died of an heart attack.

Over the next few months Victoria had to adjust to her new role as CEO of Price Pharmaceuticals. She was a natural leader and able to win over her fellow executives quickly. In time she was able to go forward with expanding the company. Using her European contacts, she was able to go international within a year.



Arrow style opening: Wonder Vixen

My name is Amelia Kiasner. I use to be your typical college freshman. That was until the night I found a super cute choker! I like to call it Alien Wear. Because as it turns out, it’s out of this world. It bonded with my DNA. Enhancing my human abilities. In time, I learned how to unlock it’s secrets and powers. Now with the aid of my mentor Green Dragon, and support from my friends Izzy and Suvi. I’m going to help make the world a better place by giving the people hope. This world is walking on the edge of darkness everyday. I’m going to cast a light on it. To make that edge, a little father away. For I am Wonder Vixen! I’m going to rock your world.


WIP: Izzy

The following is something I am currently writing but it is unfinished. I plan to add more to the story. I am wanting feedback. Some ideas I had didn’t make this draft for the high school part. Such as Izzy and Amelia being best friends since high school or the friends Izzy did have leaving her because she didn’t grow out of her “phase”. 

As far as what’s next in the story, I have things that need to happen but unsure how to play them out so far. Izzy’s girlfriend is mention in the start. Who is she and how do they meant? Was it love at first sight? Izzy has only been with men but has she felt attracted to women in the past? I know the answers but finding the right way to play it out is difficult. Also must explain how Izzy and Amelia become friends. Would be easier if they met in school or college. I’m still thinking of ideas. 

Either way please enjoy. 



Hello, my name is Isabella Shaw, but my friends call me Izzy. I am writing this because my beautiful girlfriend insisted that I do it. I don’t know why but rest assured, I’ll force her to as well! Now where do I start?

I grew up in the south. Hearing stories about superheroines engaging in great battles against villainous baddies. They were the ultimate good vs evil. When I was a kid, my brother and I would pretend to be heroes and villains.

Despite being told these stories were nothing more than fairy tails. I always believed in them. I found the fascinating and inspiring. Of course as I grew older, my classmates felt that this was something to tease me about.

It started in middle school but really picked up steam in high school. Openingly mock me in class. Trip me in the hallways. Teachers seem to look at me as if I did something wrong. Luckily, I thought at least, I meat a cute boy named Jacob Taylor. Tall dark and handsome. Yes please! He didn’t look at me strange or treat me like a child. He was 3 years ahead of me and full of himself but it was somehow charming. We hit it off fast and I fell hard. We started dating and it was all great in the beginning.

After a couple of months, he started pressuring me. He wanted sex. I wasn’t ready but I didn’t want yo disappoint him. So I decided to gave him a blow job. It did please him and he’d ask for them almost daily.

That winter I gave him my virginity. Few weeks later, on my birthday, I discovered he was cheating on me with another senior. I was heart broken. I had no one to confide in but a friend I made online.

The day before prom he dumped me and took the exchange student instead. Jacob liked to keep me around until he found someone new. Once he finished with them he come back to me. He knew how to play me and I was stupid enough to fall for it. I wanted to believe him. Anytime I tried to move on, he was there making me feel guilty for it.

My remaining school years I kept to myself. Writing was my escape from the world of havoc. Writing poetry of my feelings or stories of space adventures. It’s what got me through high school. I loved it so much that I wanted to become an author. That would be my goal. A novel. Until perhaps I could write a blog? Maybe there was someone out there who believed as I do.

Jacob had graduated my freshman year but we were off and on for years. Any other relationships I had or tried to have, didn’t last long. If I was going to truly move on, I needed to get away. So once I got a job, I started saving. Once I had enough money, I made plans to move up north.

– E

Green Dragon

People believe that the universe is a balance between light and bright. Some believe that they exist because of each other. Others believe they work with each other. I don’t know what I believe anymore.

I was born in 1786 Japan. When I was 5, I was taken from my parents by the House of Tatsu. They gave me the name Hisako Fujiwara and began preparing me for my destiny. Training me in every form of combat known to man. They sharpened my mind and spirit as well. I learned how to protect myself and innocents. How to solve puzzles and mysteries. I studied the history of Earth, it’s cultures, and it’s languages.

When I turned 16 I went through the Rites of Ryuu. Showcasing my skills, knowledge, and  perseverance. The last rite I had to surrender my body, mind, and spirit to Relonikiv, goddess of Dragons. I could feel her entering my body. Caressing my mind. Kissing my spirit. Memories long forgotten flashed. A heated sensation washed over my body. The closes thing I could compare it to would be an sexual orgasm. I felt Relonikiv leave my body in a state of euphoria. I tilted my head and brushed back my hair. Exposing my neck. Williny giving myself to my goddess. She bite my neck and began to feed upon my blood. Once she finished, she slit a gash into her wrist and presented to me. I accepted and drank from her. Refilling my body with her essence. For blood is life. Blood is energy. Relonikiv and I are now bound by blood. The goddess has seen me worthy of her gifts and has blessed them upon me.

My training continued, now to help me harness my new abilities. I was now as strong as a legendary dragon. When in battle, my skin becomes as tough as Dragon scales. I would learn how to control water, as well as camouflage myself into any surrounding. In time I was able to transform myself into a green Asian Dragon. I was even able to fly in human form by temperately growing wings.

While I thought her gifts were a blessing, it was also a curse. For dragons live for centuries. There for I age slowly. I should have known. Yin and Yang.

Once I reached 18 years of age, I was finally able to fulfill my destiny. Becoming a Draco Vintex. Modern society would call us superheroines. We fight to protect the innocent and battle the darkness. We seek to keep balance and peace in the universe. Locals would name me Hekishoku Tatsu or
Green Dragon. I’ve grown to embrace the name over the years.

Being a Draco Vintex is a lonely life. You are encouraged to avoid relationships with outsiders. The pain of seeing love ones grow old and die, while you barley age a day, is unthinkable. We only have each other and we are few. A small handful of us spread out across the world. Protecting our own area.  Rarely venturing outside our borders.

Draco Vintex had become myth and legend over the years. Stories passed down through the ages. During the 1900s I started hearing stories of heroes and protectors but they weren’t Draco Vintex. House of Anguis confirm their champion hasn’t took the rites yet. Somehow the United States of America has their own protectors but they are different. These heroes choose to help people. They were given a power and choose to use it to help those who can’t.

It was very strange to me. Confusing. I had to learn more. See these supers in action with my own eyes. Even though it was forbidden, I sneaked over to America.

These so called superheroines had flashy attires. They wear mask to conceal their identities. Were they ashamed? The names they called themselves were quiet strange. Lady Minx. Ms Moon. Kat Marks. Jay Bird. What do these names mean? Why all the colors? The tights and spandex?

Using my camouflage ability, I started following a young superheroine who called herself Sensational Fox. The colors of her attire match those of real foxes and concealed her face behind a fox like mask. I could tell that she lacked any training but somehow still managed to get by. She was fast and agile which she used to her advantage as she appeared to not be as physically strong as other heroes I’ve seen.

I followed her home and discovered that was just a teenager. She looked to be the same age as I was when I took the Rites of Ryuu. She has a family. Parents. Two older brothers and a younger sister. I barely remember my parents. Never had a family. This little girl had a family and still fights for the innocent. Why couldn’t I have kept my family?

I continued to follow her trying to learn more. She attends a school a few days a week. It’s nothing like the teachings I’ve had. She has friends that she talks to. They laugh together. She was very close to one of her friends. They’d often hold hands and kiss. She’d refer to him as her boyfriend but never called her female friends girlfriend.

A 16 year old girl has a family, friends, a romantic partner, school, and still chooses to fight for the innocent. While I don’t understand the spandex, I do understand the mask. It allows them to try and have a life and protect those they care about. That is truly amazing.

Unfortunately this secret mission of my brought up a lot of questions and emotions. I don’t remember my real name. Did my parents have more kids? Am I able to have kids of my own? What is it like to Be in love? To have friends?

I allowed my emotions to get the better of me. Falling to my knees sobbing. My camouflage broke and Sensational Fox could see me. She had just stopped a bank robbery and was about to leave when she noticed me. Instead of leaving she walked over to me. Bent down to her knees and wrapped her arms around me. My tears flowed more yet I had a sense of safety.

Once I’ve regain my composure, she asked if I was okay. I told her I was fine and asked if there was somewhere we could talk. We went to a local dinner and I started to explain to her who I am. I admitted to following her and ensure her I had no interest in using that information, because she had inspired me. I continue on, asking her question after question. She was very open and honest with me. When she started asking of me, I was open and honest as well.

We talked for hours and she insisted we keep in touch. I didn’t own a phone or have a home address but I promised I would keep in touch. Once I return to Japan I began looking for a place to call home. Natsuki was a small village surrounded by beautiful Sakura flowers. They welcome me with open arms and helped me build a place to call my own. After we finished building my home I was able to start writing Sensational Fox. Her name was Amy Kyle but I always called her Sensational Fox out of respect.

I was so inspired by Fox that I worked with local blacksmiths to create an dragon like armor to wear into battle. I also adopted a mask and embraced the Green Dragon nickname more. This allowed me to be Hisako Fujiwara when I was in Natsuki. I’d also make regular trips to America to visit my friend. I’d train her in combat and tried to pass along any knowledge I could to help prepare her for a battle. I was even lucky enough to team up with her a few times. When she was expecting her first born, she named me godmother. When her son came into this world, I was by her side. She named him Drake.

Fox convinced me to try dating. It wasn’t easy. By this time I looked, at most 25 but I was nearly 200 years old. Everyone was younger. But I managed to find someone who accepted me. Akio Yamamoto. He was such a sweet boy. We tried for a baby. I even carried a child in me for 6 months before I lost him. I have never felt so much pain in my life. Little did I know it was an omen.

The dark times came and the superheroines of the west started disappearing. One heroine, Lady Minx, turned her back on the innocent and became greedy. Because of her actions, nearly every hero died. Some in battle. Others in their own home. Even my follow Draco Vintex were starting to be slain.

I had to get to America to see if my friend was okay. I kissed Akio goodbye, telling him I’d return and I loved him. I flew to America. I made it to Fox’s house and found sobbing on the ground. In her arms she cradled the lifeless body of her son, my godchild, Drake. All I could do was hold her as she once held me.

This was when I learn the true horror. That Lady Minx turn and started murdering heroines. Minx learned of Fox’s identity and slaughter her entire family. Making sure Fox seen her only child died. Moments before I arrive they were in battle. Minx was injured and fled. Fox knew where she was heading but she was too weak to make it there in time. I told her I’d fly her there and we’d end this together. I promise her Minx would die.I was filled with rage and sorrow. I wasn’t afraid to get my hands bloody and I really wanted to dig my claws into this Lady Minx.

We manage to catch Lady Minx before she could sail away on a stolen ship. She was on the radio with some man she only referred to as Doctor. Fox and I fought her and her group of rouges. I focused so much on killing Minx that I didn’t realize one of those rouges was G.I. Payne.

I could have finished off Minx quickly but I was driven by anger and revenge. My emotions got the best of me. I wanted Lady Minx to suffer. After nearly drowning her I ripped off her head and smashed it with my own hands.

I was relived for a moment. Then I hear Sensational Fox whisper my name. Hisako. I turned around and seen her sitting on the ground. Several bones throughout her body had been broken. She was paralyzed. Payne was holding her head as he grinned at me. Amy was whimpering and crying as she tried to say “I love you”. She wasn’t able to. He snapped her neck and jumped into the ocean. I cried out in pain. I rushed to her side but she was gone. My first friend. My best friend. My first love. She was gone. She died because I allowed my emotions to rule me. If I’d been faster maybe my godson would still be alive. If I didn’t torture Minx, my best friend would still been alive. I failed them. I brought shame to the Draco Vintex.

My search for Payne found no results. No idea who this Doctor on the radio was. If there were any Superheroines left, they went into hiding. I flew back home only find that Natsuki had been burned to the ground. No survivors. No clues as to what happened. All that beauty. All that hope. Turned to ash. I had lost everything I had held close to my heart.

House of Tatsu made sure to let me know that I had brought shame to the goddess Relonikiv. That me defying tradition was the reason I am suffering. It was a lesson I had to be taught. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I left and traveled the world. Trying to find my place.
I couldn’t be a Draco Vintex anymore.

Over the years the world moved on. The events of the dark times became a bedtime story. Like the Draco Vintex, the superheroines became myths and legends. But one day I heard stories of a woman in Kingston Falls. Someone fighting against the injustice. I thought nothing of it at first. But I kept hearing different stories. Stories of a masked woman stopping a bank heist. These stories seem familiar but new. I looked into more and continued to find more stories about a new hero. This couldn’t be right.

I tracked her down and watched her in action. She was strong but lacked confidence. Something about her seemed familiar. After witnessing her stop a bombing, I was about to fly off. I seen enough. However, I smelled something I haven’t seemed in years. I heard a crash and seem this young heroine was in a battle with G.I. Payne. It took so much not to react. I had to keep my emotions in checked.

The battle was fierce and the young heroine held her own. She was inexperienced to say the less. No sign of training at all. Nearly tripping over a rock which was all it took for Payne to gain the upper hand. He pummeled her and began toying with her. He broke her left leg. I can seen where this was going. I summon a body of water and blasted him away. He was only down for a moment but it was long enough to grab the heroine and fly her to safety.

She was a bit freaked out but wasn’t able to flee. I just looked at her as I took her leg in my hands and starting healing her bones. A trick I picked up from my world travels. It takes a lot of Chi. After the young women realize what I had done she thanked me and introduced herself.

“Whoa. You healed my leg? Thanks. Hey! I’m Wonder Vixen. At least that’s what Twitter calls me. What do they call you?”

Vixen? I looked up at confused. Twitter is still strange to me. I didn’t know if it was destiny, but I knew that I couldn’t let this Wonder Vixen fight without being prepared. She needs a mentor. Someone to guide her. This must be my purpose.

“My name is Hisako Fujiwara. I was trained to be a Draco Vintex from a young age. I was blessed with the gifts of Relonikiv, goddess of the dragons. I was once known as the Green Dragon until the dark times came and took everything I ever loved. I will be your teacher. I will prepare you Kitsune. You will become a fierce champion that will inspire hope.”

Wonder Vixen looked complex but eager as she said “Right? So excuse me, what’s Kitsune? I’m Wonder Vixen”

I smiled for the first time since that dark night. “To me you are Kitsune. When you are ready, I will tell you what it means.”

-E. Neo