Rank Them! Spider-Man movies

What is your favorite Spidey movie? After Homecoming, a lot of fans online declared it as the best. I don’t agree. After rewatching all of the live action ones, I still don’t agree. I am not even sure what one is the best but I ranked them as best as possible. My opinion of course. If you don’t agree that is cool.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Everyone dislikes this one for good reason. I think the movie had some good ideas but rushed and forced to do too much. IMO Harry should have been the main villain. Tying it to the first movie. Had him plotting and using others to get to Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Perhaps the Venom stuff could have been boiling in the background and maybe introduced the black suit. However keeping Venom himself out til 4. Eddie felt so forced. His name was dropped in 1 but I guess this is that one’s son? Maybe over 3 and 4 he could have been good. I hate Sandman. A useless character who I’m supposed to feel bad for because he’s not really bad. He just does horrible things for his daughter. It didnt work for me. He felt like filler and he punched a doggo!


Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Yes, I am surprised it’s this low. The casting and writing of Peter and Spidey is great. However, there is too much MCU/Iron Man influence for me. I felt they were banging it over my head that Spider-Man is in the MCU now. Spidey’s suit that was made by Tony bugs the hell out of me. The eyes alone I hate. It works for cartoons, video games and comics. Movies no so much. It looks cartoonish. Deadpool pulls it off because he is cartoonish. His suit talks to him. Spider-Man is suppose to be smart yet he has an Iron Man like suit telling how to do everything. Sure he proves he doesn’t need it at the end. Maybe it was a lesson but nonetheless, I hate it. I really hope it’s not back. I want Spidey being Spidey without an A.I. Spidey almost had a big heroic scene but it went to Iron Man. Keaton was great as the villain. “Hot” Aunt May is not working for me. Just a lot of creeps hitting on her. I didn’t need another origin however there’s no reason you can’t reference or have quick flashbacks to establish it.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I remembered. Dr. Octopus was good when he was being bad and likable before the accident. I found his switch from good to bad to good a bit meh. The trail scene is still the best heroic moment in any superhero movie to date. That’s what I want to see. Spider-Man saving real people. And being a annoying smart ass to villains and J.J.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Not as boring as I remember nor that bad honestly. Green Goblin was so rushed it wasn’t funny. Gwen’s death was legit sad.

Spider-Man (2002)

I go back and forth on which is my favorite. However this is just full of cheese and fun. Green Goblin was great. A must see.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

A new twist on he origin. A villain that reminded me of Green Goblin (Spider-Man) Doc Ock. A romance that is actually good. My favorite Spider-Man so far in live action. I think Holland can be great but depends o if he gets to his own hero. Not seen him interact with enough villains yet to see how annoying he can be. Because that’s why villains hate him so much. Not because he stops them, but because he’s a smart ass annoying little shit.


Fuck Batman


Yesterday fans got a look at the display outfits for Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and my girl Raven. Most wanted to shit on them and call Starfire a street walker🙄 Today the trailer came out and I think it’s mostly positive.Some were like”it looks cheap”. Yes, it’s low budget. What do you expect? I’ve seen worse effects from bigger budgets.

Does Robin kill? Honestly not sure and didn’t think about it while watching. He stepped over someone and heard a crack so maybe he does. Forgive me, but I’m not sure if no kill if a code of Dick’s that he takes as serious as Batman. Speaking of Bats. “Fuck Batman” is the line everyone is taking away. Good line as it shows me the two had a major falling out. I seen some complain about this saying it is just to be edgy or that it’s out of character? Worked for me and told me where Dick and Bruce are in their relationship.

The trailer focused on Robin and Raven to my surprise. Not sure if the whole season is or what but I’m down for it. Seeing Raven in live action is amazing.

I think Hawk and/or Dove where in the trailer. Lots of blood and violence. Starfire and Beast Boy were shown briefly. I don’t think they look bad. Don’t have much to go on. I’m being optimistic. Others are sticking with the negative and name calling.

DC Universe is only $7.99 a month whch isn’t bad. $74.99 for a year which is tempting. If you preorder for the year, you get 3 free months. Cool deals, if in America I’d say look into it. I think it sounds like a good service. Outside of the original shows, you get all their TV shows (not CW ones), cartoons, movies, exclusive collectables, comics, and some fan connect thingy. I know i will be getting it. Not sure if I’ll be buying a Roku or Fire TV to watch it on the tv yet.

Final thoughts… I think there’s more upside than down in Titans. It could suck. It could be damn fine TV. I don’t even know who the villain is. Weird. Raven looks amazing tho!

So what did you think? I am curious to hear. Til next time, later days!

The Dark Knight 10 years!

10 years ago today The Dark Knight came out. It seems like a life time ago. Convincing my father to take me and my friend to see it. It was an evening I’ll never forget. I’ve seen this movie so many times it isn’t funny. Between this and the Arkham games, I became such a nerd for Batman and DC. If I didn’t have work I would be watching it again today. I just wanted to acknowledge the anniversary as this movie is one of my favorites and important to my nerdness/geekness. I know this is short but I’m short on time and I have to put pants on. I’ll try to write more about it another day. What are your thoughts on The Dark Knight? Where you at the theater watching it 10 years ago? Comment below!

Profile: Wonder Vixen


Code Name:
Wonder Vixen

Secret Identity:
Amelia Kiasner






Freshman at Kingston Falls University


Kingston Falls, New England

-Enhanced strength-

-Enhance durability

-Elemental breath
-Electricity Manipulation
-Immune to drugs and gases
-Alien Wear psychic link which helps her in battle and in learning her powers


-Alcohol (can cause: blackouts, headaches, memory lost, in coordination, seizures)

-May be short-circuited under certain conditions:
Contact with water, a magnet, the opposite polarity, etc.

-Electrical powers may become useless if confronted with electrical resistant material, such as rubber or silicate.

-Electricity may be redirected by certain materials


-Green Dragon

-Liz Shaw

-Suvi Chambers

-Wonder Virago



-G.I. Payne







Amelia has always wanted to make a difference in the world but never knew how. One night after a late party on campus, she stumble across a cute choker in perfect condition. She takes it to her dorm and tries it on. Turns out this choker wasn’t just cute. It was alien. Once she snapped it on, the alien tech began bonding with her DNA. Giving her enhance human abilities and some super ones. This Alien Wear, as Amelia would later call it, also has the ability to communicate with Amelia. Like an A.I. in her brain! Teaching her about her powers and giving her information.

Armed with these new skills and abilities, Amelia now has a way to make a difference in the world. Will she be able to survive without combat training from someone experienced? How will she balance her double life? Is there room for romance? Someone watches with an obsession that could be deadly.



Thoughts From a Character: Wonder Virago

Virago use to be a woman of great stature, strength, and courage. A female warrior. Somehow men have twisted it. Painting these women as shrews. Bitches that didn’t know their place.

Man wants what he can have. Man destroys what he can’t control. Man fears what he doesn’t understand.

Man believes he is strong but he is weak. Concerning himself with the size of his manhood. Jealous of anyone with more influence. Unable to accept defeat.

Woman was strong enough to carry the gifts of wonder. Woman had the courage to use it with compassion. Woman shall inherit Earth. Leading it into a bright future.


Awaken The Senses: Super Myth?

There was a time when humans with abilities roam the earth. No one knew where they came from. Were they born this way? Did they discover them? Did they see these abilities as a gift or a curse? Why was it always women?

These super women became heroes. Using their abilities to fight against injustice and corruption. But one dark day later, they were gone. They say one of the super women had a change of heart and destroyed all the supers. What could have turned a heroine into a villainess? Was she brainwashed? Blackmailed? Perhaps she fell in love with the wrong person? Jealousy? We may never know. I mean, these are all stories. Fairytales. They are the stuff of myth and legends. The government never acknowledged that they existed. They might as well be Bigfoot as far as most people are concerned.

What if they were real? What if some still exists? Few years back I came across some myths about dragon warriors in Japan. From what information I could find, it sounds like they were something like our superheroes.

Today superheroines are stories we tell our children to teach them right and wrong. Maybe they are just fairy tales. However I want to believe. Something happened to inspire these tales. Perhaps they still exist, hiding among us. Who’s to say they won’t return when we need them. All I know is I will be looking to sky. Hoping for an answer.

Have a brew-tiful day!
Liz Shaw

Tossing Around Ideas

Thinking of a new character named Edward Lionheart. He is a serial killer who targets young blonde college women.

His father died before he was born. During a store robbery, the gunman was going to murder the clerk(young blonde college age) and his father tried to stop the gunman but was shot.

Mother was a prostitute who treated Edward as a burden.

Ed grows into a handsome man which he uses to his advantage when targeting women.

As a kid he is picked up by an older man who rapes him. Later on in high school, he’s sexually assaulted by a male teacher. These could be part of his reasons. Targeting women who looks like the girl his father died for. Taking their life because they took his father’s. Men make him feel powerless. This vulnerability angers Ed taking it out on the women. Raping them to feel the power that the men who raped him felt.

The story I am thinking of leads him to target Amelia (Wonder Vixen)

Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions would be great! Please comment them or if you’re on twitter, tweet me or DM me.

Not Enough

To say I miss you is not enough

To say I love you too much?

I am not worth it

If given the chance I’d surely blow it

I leave disappointment in your eyes

Coldness between your thighs

You deserve the best

Someone who can pass the test

I am a failure

Was unable to endure

Under pressure I let you down

Should have stood my ground

I don’t deserve to be forgiven

Something in me is broken

Fixing me is not worth it

I am a piece of shit

My words are unraveling

As I hoped to make them sing

So let my words ring true

I’ll always love ypu

DC Frustrations

Past couple of weeks have felt like months. Daily I see tweets of fans complaining. Tweets of deleted scenes or how WB interfere with Justice League. I also hear Justice League failed and that DC is doing great.


I haven’t seen Justice League and made the decision to not see it until it’s on blu-ray. It’s not because of critics. More of them liked than BVS (no one ever mentions that) and it’s not being destroyed by critics. If you want to go by Rotten Tomatoes audience score, more people liked Justice League than BVS. Let’s keep in mind, I can log onto Rotten Tomatoes and vote that I liked Justice League right now without seeing it.


The reason I am not spending what little money I have like I planned on is because of fans. Blaming Whedon and WB for anything they don’t like. Wanting a cut of a movie that probably doesn’t exist. For months they yelled and hash tagged how this is Snyder’s movie. Now they didn’t like it it’s Whedon and WB ruining it. I don’t know or care if something is a Snyder shot. I don’t know why is a sexist yet Snyder is an angel with that. Ben Affleck doesn’t help anything with his interviews and people calling take news for reporting what he said.

I understand people saying Justice League has failed and I probably lean towards that. $93 million isn’t good. Worrying about if it will break even isn’t good. Wonder Woman did better than anyone expected. It was a great origin story with so much heart. It was a stand alone with little connectionto the other DC Films. That worked in it’s favor. The fact that it worked in it’s favor should be a red flag.


I really liked Man of Steel. It got me into Superman. It was a different take and not everyone liked it. I can understand that. I’ll even defend parts of it though it’s pointless. I enjoyed Batman V Superman but I didn’t love it or like it as much as Man of Steel. Suicide Squad had some great characters in a lazy movie. I think I could find a better story idea.

However BVS left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth. It made money, yes. It didn’t make the money it should have. So when Justice League comes out to less than $100 million it’s a red flag. Now they’re many reasons why. Timing, word of mouth, marketing, reviews. To say BVS had no effect would be silly. A lot of people didn’t spend money to see JL even though it’s said to be better than BVS. For me BVS and Suicide Squad were disappointing and killed excitement for future movies. Wonder Woman I didn’t get excited for until it was close to release. All the good buzz helped. The weeks and days leading to JL, I didn’t get that. It was back to the Snyder vision which I’m not crazy about. Perhaps a lot of people weren’t either.

I don’t know if I can say DC is doing great. 1 out of 5 DC Films was a success across the board. The rest were mix at best. I hear JL is heading in the right direction while some don’t because it’s too Marvel or not enough Snyder. I do think DC needs a major rethink.

Aquaman is already filmed. Shazam is being prepared as is Suicide Squad 2 and Wonder Woman 2. Not sure if those will happen. wonder Woman 2 should no question. Shazam can be stand alone enough that it could be part of the current DCU or it’s own or maybe a new one? Suicide Squad left me not wanting more. So another one doesn’t excited me.

I’ve heard a lot talk about reboot. If there’s a way to do it and keep the characters that have worked, than maybe? I want a new Batman. Which I’m sure we’ll get soon.



So Stan Lee said he thinks Marvel is trying to get the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four. He also believes they’ll get them one day.

First off, I do not blame them for wanting their property back. I am sure I would do the same. Plus Disney wants to own everything. They’re the big Corp that everyone loves. I’m not haft as crazy about them as most but it is what it is.

Now I don’t care about the Fantastic Four one way or another. Part of me wants Fox to keep it so Marvel fanboys will be pissed. However if they gave them to Marvel that’s fine.

Now when it comes to X-Men, I don’t want Marvel to have it. I know some fans want it to happen. Maybe it will. I personally don’t want it to. For one, Deadpool and Logan would not have been made. I like the MCU and it’s very family friendly (not a bad thing). I don’t think they’ll do an R rated MCU movie. Closes you get is the Netflix series. They are in the MCU yet very much their own universe. You might get a Deadpool series but who knows who’d be the star since Marvel wouldn’t want a connection to the Fox version.

In the X-Universe they are no superheroes. It’s basically the world we live in but parts of humanity have started evolving and they are called mutants. While you have blue shape shifting mutants it has always felt more real world than any MCU movie. People die. Buildings don’t happen to be empty so the heroes don’t look bad. Hell, both heroes and villains have great points I agree with and both have done horrible things. It is relatable to anyone who ever felt like can outcast. People looked at me weird for how I dressed in high school. I couldn’t imagine what others had to deal with.

My point is X-Men is an world of humans and mutants. Not heroes and villains. Good and bad people. MCU is heroes and villains. Regular people are not seen unless they’re friends with the heroes or props to be saved.

Now if mutants become apart of the MCU than what is the difference between Hulk and a mutant? Spider-Man’s DNA mutated but he’s a superhero because he wasn’t born a mutant right? While hardcore fans will understand the so called casual fans will have to figure this out and hopefully the filmmakers make it easy.

Yesterday I seen a headline about the MCU being too complicated. If you are new maybe but that’s solved by watching the past movies like you should with any series. With Marvel none of them been complicated to me. I haven’t seen all the MCU movies but I doubt I’ll be lost when Infinity War is out.

Marvel keeps things simple. It works. Adding mutants into the mix could be complicated. In a world full of superheroes and gods, how do you make mutants feel special?

lastly, in 2018 we’re getting 3 X-Universe movies. Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, and New Mutants. That couldn’t happen in the MCU. Now you get those movies along with the 2 or 3 Marvel is doing. I think it’s great. That’s up to 6 superhero/marvel comic movies. That doesn’t include Aquaman or whatever Sony is doing with Venom.

I own every X-Men movie. I love or enjoy most of them. X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t good but I liked their Sabertooth and his relationship with Logan. The Last Stand is OK. Apocalypse wasn’t as bad as everyone says. I liked it but not my favorite. I quiet liked The Wolverine.

Of course I’ve rambled too much. Sorry. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong! I don’t mind leaning new things or have my mind changed.