Awaken The Senses: Super Myth?

There was a time when humans with abilities roam the earth. No one knew where they came from. Were they born this way? Did they discover them? Did they see these abilities as a gift or a curse? Why was it always women?

These super women became heroes. Using their abilities to fight against injustice and corruption. But one dark day later, they were gone. They say one of the super women had a change of heart and destroyed all the supers. What could have turned a heroine into a villainess? Was she brainwashed? Blackmailed? Perhaps she fell in love with the wrong person? Jealousy? We may never know. I mean, these are all stories. Fairytales. They are the stuff of myth and legends. The government never acknowledged that they existed. They might as well be Bigfoot as far as most people are concerned.

What if they were real? What if some still exists? Few years back I came across some myths about dragon warriors in Japan. From what information I could find, it sounds like they were something like our superheroes.

Today superheroines are stories we tell our children to teach them right and wrong. Maybe they are just fairy tales. However I want to believe. Something happened to inspire these tales. Perhaps they still exist, hiding among us. Who’s to say they won’t return when we need them. All I know is I will be looking to sky. Hoping for an answer.

Have a brew-tiful day!
Liz Shaw