Not Enough

To say I miss you is not enough

To say I love you too much?

I am not worth it

If given the chance I’d surely blow it

I leave disappointment in your eyes

Coldness between your thighs

You deserve the best

Someone who can pass the test

I am a failure

Was unable to endure

Under pressure I let you down

Should have stood my ground

I don’t deserve to be forgiven

Something in me is broken

Fixing me is not worth it

I am a piece of shit

My words are unraveling

As I hoped to make them sing

So let my words ring true

I’ll always love ypu


DC Frustrations

Past couple of weeks have felt like months. Daily I see tweets of fans complaining. Tweets of deleted scenes or how WB interfere with Justice League. I also hear Justice League failed and that DC is doing great.


I haven’t seen Justice League and made the decision to not see it until it’s on blu-ray. It’s not because of critics. More of them liked than BVS (no one ever mentions that) and it’s not being destroyed by critics. If you want to go by Rotten Tomatoes audience score, more people liked Justice League than BVS. Let’s keep in mind, I can log onto Rotten Tomatoes and vote that I liked Justice League right now without seeing it.


The reason I am not spending what little money I have like I planned on is because of fans. Blaming Whedon and WB for anything they don’t like. Wanting a cut of a movie that probably doesn’t exist. For months they yelled and hash tagged how this is Snyder’s movie. Now they didn’t like it it’s Whedon and WB ruining it. I don’t know or care if something is a Snyder shot. I don’t know why is a sexist yet Snyder is an angel with that. Ben Affleck doesn’t help anything with his interviews and people calling take news for reporting what he said.

I understand people saying Justice League has failed and I probably lean towards that. $93 million isn’t good. Worrying about if it will break even isn’t good. Wonder Woman did better than anyone expected. It was a great origin story with so much heart. It was a stand alone with little connectionto the other DC Films. That worked in it’s favor. The fact that it worked in it’s favor should be a red flag.


I really liked Man of Steel. It got me into Superman. It was a different take and not everyone liked it. I can understand that. I’ll even defend parts of it though it’s pointless. I enjoyed Batman V Superman but I didn’t love it or like it as much as Man of Steel. Suicide Squad had some great characters in a lazy movie. I think I could find a better story idea.

However BVS left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth. It made money, yes. It didn’t make the money it should have. So when Justice League comes out to less than $100 million it’s a red flag. Now they’re many reasons why. Timing, word of mouth, marketing, reviews. To say BVS had no effect would be silly. A lot of people didn’t spend money to see JL even though it’s said to be better than BVS. For me BVS and Suicide Squad were disappointing and killed excitement for future movies. Wonder Woman I didn’t get excited for until it was close to release. All the good buzz helped. The weeks and days leading to JL, I didn’t get that. It was back to the Snyder vision which I’m not crazy about. Perhaps a lot of people weren’t either.

I don’t know if I can say DC is doing great. 1 out of 5 DC Films was a success across the board. The rest were mix at best. I hear JL is heading in the right direction while some don’t because it’s too Marvel or not enough Snyder. I do think DC needs a major rethink.

Aquaman is already filmed. Shazam is being prepared as is Suicide Squad 2 and Wonder Woman 2. Not sure if those will happen. wonder Woman 2 should no question. Shazam can be stand alone enough that it could be part of the current DCU or it’s own or maybe a new one? Suicide Squad left me not wanting more. So another one doesn’t excited me.

I’ve heard a lot talk about reboot. If there’s a way to do it and keep the characters that have worked, than maybe? I want a new Batman. Which I’m sure we’ll get soon.