Spoilers Ahoy! My thoughts on Defenders Series 1

Just finished The Defenders and I want to vent my thoughts before hearing others. So spoilers ahoy! Also only seen Daredevil season 1 & 2 and Jessica Jones season 1. Skipped Luke Cage and Iron Fist but may go back and rewatch.


Overall I really liked it. Made me like Luke Cage (who I wasn’t high on during Jessica Jones). Iron Fist or Ironclad wasn’t bad either. I really liked the dynamic between everyone. It also reminded me of why I love Jessica Jones so much. She continues to be one of my favorites and cannot wait for seasons 2. I loved that everyone had their own story that lead them together. It makes me wish CW would do a crossover special outside of the season but thats unlikely.

I did not have context on Cage or Fist but it didn’t hinder my experience and the show showed and told me enough to figure things out. The Defenders felt like real heroes. More heroic than most of the MCU heroes IMO so great job. Jokes and seriousness well balanced. Never too dark or silly. Honestly there’s very little bad I can think of. That was til the end…

The end fight between Daredevil and Elekra was both epic and sad. They seemingly die in each other’s arms. Bitter sweet. A tragic end that brought me to tears and effected everyone. I found it pretty cool that they’d kill off the hero who started this Netflix universe. However being both a comic book series and a TV show I had a feeling that they might do the typical fake out thing. it’s a trope at least. Once Karen was talking about a feeling she had I knew they were going to do it. Of course switch to Matt in a bed recovering.

I know no one stays dead in comics. I know MCU has a habit of faking deaths. I buy the resurrection stuff with Ekekra and The Hand. But this universe was mostly grounded. If someone dies or sacrifices their live for the greater good, that should mean something. Now I feel stupid for caring he died because he somehow survived. Death is supposed to mean something yet it feels like it’s something minor to shake off. The Moffat era of Doctor Who was plagued with people dying but not dying. Arrowverse and MCU has done it. DCEU gets a pass with Superman but of comic book storyline but if I see Steve Rogers again, yeah I will not be happy.

Honestly the fake death was a shit end to a otherwise great season. Yes I know we didn’t see them die nor did want them dead. But you could have at least let me believe they were until he showed up in another show. I would have been least upset. Instead, “Ahh fuck they’re dead. Wait. False alarm. That emotional impact is empty now”. I’m sure Gao is alive too though I assume she left when she retreated.

Those are my thoughts. Please, feel free to share yours or try to change my feeling on the fake death. Ciao


Arrow style opening: Wonder Vixen

My name is Amelia Kiasner. I use to be your typical college freshman. That was until the night I found a super cute choker! I like to call it Alien Wear. Because as it turns out, it’s out of this world. It bonded with my DNA. Enhancing my human abilities. In time, I learned how to unlock it’s secrets and powers. Now with the aid of my mentor Green Dragon, and support from my friends Izzy and Suvi. I’m going to help make the world a better place by giving the people hope. This world is walking on the edge of darkness everyday. I’m going to cast a light on it. To make that edge, a little father away. For I am Wonder Vixen! I’m going to rock your world.