Tossing Around Ideas

Thinking of a new character named Edward Lionheart. He is a serial killer who targets young blonde college women.

His father died before he was born. During a store robbery, the gunman was going to murder the clerk(young blonde college age) and his father tried to stop the gunman but was shot.

Mother was a prostitute who treated Edward as a burden.

Ed grows into a handsome man which he uses to his advantage when targeting women.

As a kid he is picked up by an older man who rapes him. Later on in high school, he’s sexually assaulted by a male teacher. These could be part of his reasons. Targeting women who looks like the girl his father died for. Taking their life because they took his father’s. Men make him feel powerless. This vulnerability angers Ed taking it out on the women. Raping them to feel the power that the men who raped him felt.

The story I am thinking of leads him to target Amelia (Wonder Vixen)

Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions would be great! Please comment them or if you’re on twitter, tweet me or DM me.


Not Enough

To say I miss you is not enough

To say I love you too much?

I am not worth it

If given the chance I’d surely blow it

I leave disappointment in your eyes

Coldness between your thighs

You deserve the best

Someone who can pass the test

I am a failure

Was unable to endure

Under pressure I let you down

Should have stood my ground

I don’t deserve to be forgiven

Something in me is broken

Fixing me is not worth it

I am a piece of shit

My words are unraveling

As I hoped to make them sing

So let my words ring true

I’ll always love ypu

DC Frustrations

Past couple of weeks have felt like months. Daily I see tweets of fans complaining. Tweets of deleted scenes or how WB interfere with Justice League. I also hear Justice League failed and that DC is doing great.


I haven’t seen Justice League and made the decision to not see it until it’s on blu-ray. It’s not because of critics. More of them liked than BVS (no one ever mentions that) and it’s not being destroyed by critics. If you want to go by Rotten Tomatoes audience score, more people liked Justice League than BVS. Let’s keep in mind, I can log onto Rotten Tomatoes and vote that I liked Justice League right now without seeing it.


The reason I am not spending what little money I have like I planned on is because of fans. Blaming Whedon and WB for anything they don’t like. Wanting a cut of a movie that probably doesn’t exist. For months they yelled and hash tagged how this is Snyder’s movie. Now they didn’t like it it’s Whedon and WB ruining it. I don’t know or care if something is a Snyder shot. I don’t know why is a sexist yet Snyder is an angel with that. Ben Affleck doesn’t help anything with his interviews and people calling take news for reporting what he said.

I understand people saying Justice League has failed and I probably lean towards that. $93 million isn’t good. Worrying about if it will break even isn’t good. Wonder Woman did better than anyone expected. It was a great origin story with so much heart. It was a stand alone with little connectionto the other DC Films. That worked in it’s favor. The fact that it worked in it’s favor should be a red flag.


I really liked Man of Steel. It got me into Superman. It was a different take and not everyone liked it. I can understand that. I’ll even defend parts of it though it’s pointless. I enjoyed Batman V Superman but I didn’t love it or like it as much as Man of Steel. Suicide Squad had some great characters in a lazy movie. I think I could find a better story idea.

However BVS left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth. It made money, yes. It didn’t make the money it should have. So when Justice League comes out to less than $100 million it’s a red flag. Now they’re many reasons why. Timing, word of mouth, marketing, reviews. To say BVS had no effect would be silly. A lot of people didn’t spend money to see JL even though it’s said to be better than BVS. For me BVS and Suicide Squad were disappointing and killed excitement for future movies. Wonder Woman I didn’t get excited for until it was close to release. All the good buzz helped. The weeks and days leading to JL, I didn’t get that. It was back to the Snyder vision which I’m not crazy about. Perhaps a lot of people weren’t either.

I don’t know if I can say DC is doing great. 1 out of 5 DC Films was a success across the board. The rest were mix at best. I hear JL is heading in the right direction while some don’t because it’s too Marvel or not enough Snyder. I do think DC needs a major rethink.

Aquaman is already filmed. Shazam is being prepared as is Suicide Squad 2 and Wonder Woman 2. Not sure if those will happen. wonder Woman 2 should no question. Shazam can be stand alone enough that it could be part of the current DCU or it’s own or maybe a new one? Suicide Squad left me not wanting more. So another one doesn’t excited me.

I’ve heard a lot talk about reboot. If there’s a way to do it and keep the characters that have worked, than maybe? I want a new Batman. Which I’m sure we’ll get soon.



So Stan Lee said he thinks Marvel is trying to get the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four. He also believes they’ll get them one day.

First off, I do not blame them for wanting their property back. I am sure I would do the same. Plus Disney wants to own everything. They’re the big Corp that everyone loves. I’m not haft as crazy about them as most but it is what it is.

Now I don’t care about the Fantastic Four one way or another. Part of me wants Fox to keep it so Marvel fanboys will be pissed. However if they gave them to Marvel that’s fine.

Now when it comes to X-Men, I don’t want Marvel to have it. I know some fans want it to happen. Maybe it will. I personally don’t want it to. For one, Deadpool and Logan would not have been made. I like the MCU and it’s very family friendly (not a bad thing). I don’t think they’ll do an R rated MCU movie. Closes you get is the Netflix series. They are in the MCU yet very much their own universe. You might get a Deadpool series but who knows who’d be the star since Marvel wouldn’t want a connection to the Fox version.

In the X-Universe they are no superheroes. It’s basically the world we live in but parts of humanity have started evolving and they are called mutants. While you have blue shape shifting mutants it has always felt more real world than any MCU movie. People die. Buildings don’t happen to be empty so the heroes don’t look bad. Hell, both heroes and villains have great points I agree with and both have done horrible things. It is relatable to anyone who ever felt like can outcast. People looked at me weird for how I dressed in high school. I couldn’t imagine what others had to deal with.

My point is X-Men is an world of humans and mutants. Not heroes and villains. Good and bad people. MCU is heroes and villains. Regular people are not seen unless they’re friends with the heroes or props to be saved.

Now if mutants become apart of the MCU than what is the difference between Hulk and a mutant? Spider-Man’s DNA mutated but he’s a superhero because he wasn’t born a mutant right? While hardcore fans will understand the so called casual fans will have to figure this out and hopefully the filmmakers make it easy.

Yesterday I seen a headline about the MCU being too complicated. If you are new maybe but that’s solved by watching the past movies like you should with any series. With Marvel none of them been complicated to me. I haven’t seen all the MCU movies but I doubt I’ll be lost when Infinity War is out.

Marvel keeps things simple. It works. Adding mutants into the mix could be complicated. In a world full of superheroes and gods, how do you make mutants feel special?

lastly, in 2018 we’re getting 3 X-Universe movies. Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, and New Mutants. That couldn’t happen in the MCU. Now you get those movies along with the 2 or 3 Marvel is doing. I think it’s great. That’s up to 6 superhero/marvel comic movies. That doesn’t include Aquaman or whatever Sony is doing with Venom.

I own every X-Men movie. I love or enjoy most of them. X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t good but I liked their Sabertooth and his relationship with Logan. The Last Stand is OK. Apocalypse wasn’t as bad as everyone says. I liked it but not my favorite. I quiet liked The Wolverine.

Of course I’ve rambled too much. Sorry. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong! I don’t mind leaning new things or have my mind changed.


The Price is Deadly

My attempt at writing a story from 3rd person. Not finished but wanted to share what I have so far. It’s back story type stuff.



Leonard Price was the CEO of a pharmaceutical multinational corporation, Price Pharmaceuticals, based in New Boston. He was born into his wealth and went into the family business when he turn 18. He was a movie buff and one actress caught his eye. So much he had to meet her.

Edith Wray was a legendary scream queen. Staring in numerous horror films such as Sins of the Mother and Wall of Lies. She also produced the cult classic: Suicide Trees.

Edith was filming Phage when she met Leonard Price. The two hit off immediately and were engaged 6 months later. 2 years later they had twins, Victor and Victoria.

They seem to be a happy family. Victor and Victoria loved to play hide and seek. It was their favorite game. During their 9th birthday they were running around the house, playing games. Edith was reading over a script when she heard a thud. It was quiet before she heard a scream. She rushed out of her steady to find the nanny crying over the lifeless body of Victor. It appears he fell down the stairs and broke his neck. Edith panticed as she searched for Victoria. After a few moments she found her hiding in a closet upstairs.

Things were never the same after that night. Edith started transitioning into producing while Leonard started spending more time at home. Edith and Leonard were more protective of Victoria from then on. Victoria kept to herself a lot. She was brilliant. Graduating with honors. While her father wanted her to go into the family business, her mother encouraged her to follow her own passions.

Victoria took her mother’s advice and enrolled at Grand Lakes University. Studying Physics and Biotechnology. Earning a doctorate and Bachelor degrees.

After college, Victoria skipped going home and took a trip to Europe. While seeing the sights and culture was her main focus, she also made some contacts in science and politics. Victoria was interested in either starting her own scientific company or perhaps buying one. Her father had no interest in expanding the family business. Having friends in power could prove to be beneficial when starting a business venture.

After her extensive trip, she was finally ready to head home. The family reunion was a pleasant one. Victoria had miss her mother and was eager to talk business with her father.

Leonard had no interest in his daughter’s grand plans. Price Pharmaceuticals was doing great and he seen no need to expand into other markets. Investing into his daughter’s science company would be a fruitless pursuit. He encourage her to join his company where she’d be set for life.

Victoria was visablly upset and would not take no for an answer. After unpacking she became emailing and calling her contacts. Forming a plan to convince her father that her ideas aren’t fruitless. Unfortunately she never had the chance.

Edith was set to receive an Lifetime Achievement award from New Mass Horror. While Leonard and Victoria weren’t seeing eye to eye, they were able to put it aside for one night. Edith was in tears as she gave her speech. For the first time publicly she spoke about Victor’s death and how it effected her career.

After the ceremony the three attended an after party. A number of producers, writers, and directors persuade Victoria in hopes she might follow in her mother’s footsteps. Victoria was flatter but had her mind set elsewhere. She was ready to leave but her parents were still mingling so she called for a cab and headed home.

Victoria woke up to the doorbell ringing. She walked down stairs haft and answered the door. To her surprise it was the police. They informed her parents were hit by a drunk driver as they left the after party. The drunk driver survived but her parents were not so luck. Victoria broke down crying. She couldn’t believe that they were gone. She was all alone now.

Later that night at Sapphire Lake General, Danny Winfrey was waking up in his hospital bed. As he got his barons he noticed a shadowy figure. Danny froze in fear. He spoke to the figure as if he knew them. “Look, I did what you asked. They believe it was an accident. It’s not my fault I didn’t die. I…”

The shadowy figure put it’s black gloved hand over his lips as it stuck him with a needle in her hip. Danny started feeling a pain in chest and the figure left as he drew his final breath. His body was found the next morning and it was declared he died of an heart attack.

Over the next few months Victoria had to adjust to her new role as CEO of Price Pharmaceuticals. She was a natural leader and able to win over her fellow executives quickly. In time she was able to go forward with expanding the company. Using her European contacts, she was able to go international within a year.




Yesterday I read reports that WB is making a Joker origins movie that’s separate from DCEC and be the first under a new banner of stand alone films. This news didn’t set well with me no matter how talented the people doing it are.

I don’t want or need an origin of The Joker. He doesn’t have an official origin now in the comics. Some people are OK with an Joker movie in general and I’m not. Call me crazy but I want to see my villains facing heroes. I love The Joker but he’s not as interesting when it’s not with Batman.

Then you have the can of worms called confusion. Two Jokers on screen will confuse people. If people like this Joker they’ll want more and then what? If these happen before Flashpoint we could pick and choose and mold them into one universe but still.

As bad as that was. I read today that Matt Reeves Batman movie(s) are stand alone and not connected to the DCEU. It’s at this point I just give up right?

I prefer DC characters to Marvel. I don’t have that connection to Marvel as I do with DC. So DC doing it’s own shared universe, great! I liked Man of Steel a lot. It got me into Superman yay. I was so hyped for BVS but I seen it’s reaction. I lower my expectations and while I enjoyed it, it should have been better. Suicide Squad can and I was excited for it and lower my expectations again. I was still disappointed and bored. I didn’t get hyped for Wonder Woman. I tried my best to not get hyped and it ended up being an amazing experience. Finally DC was on the right path. Not holding my breath on JL or Aquaman yet but hope for the best.

So I had hope for the DCEU again. Wonder Woman 2 gets a date and hopefully Jenkins is on board. Whedon doing Batgirl. The Batman has a director. Flashpoint is coming to reset anything they need for future movies. Then you tell Joker is having an origin story outside of the DCEU. OK it’s dumb IMO and raised too many questions. Now you tell me that this Batman movie I’ve been waiting for, for years will happen but it’s no longer part if this DCEU.

Am I supposed to care about the DCEU? Should I be expecting that it’s going to die and DC is going back to stand alone and leave the shared universe to everyone else!? I was angry but now I’m to a point of why bother. Why should I care about Justice League? This Batman isn’t getting his own movies. Should I be worried about not getting that Wonder Woman movie? Seriously what the fuck?

Comics have multiveres and it works. That doesn’t mean it will in movies. it’s too confusing. Even television doesn’t do this unless you count animation. Which you shouldn’t. There’s not two Green Arrow shows on TV. There’s one.

The Batman trilogy could be great and I will watch them. If it’s not apart of a shared universe than what’s the point? we get that Batman but the one in DCEU that people loved, he doesn’t get a movie. He gets cameos.

It’s just frustrating and confusing. I would for WB to come out and explain this shit but that’s not happening. It’s just here’s a report or rumor, not everyone online make of it as you will. I hate it. A simple clear direction is needed.


Spoilers Ahoy! My thoughts on Defenders Series 1

Just finished The Defenders and I want to vent my thoughts before hearing others. So spoilers ahoy! Also only seen Daredevil season 1 & 2 and Jessica Jones season 1. Skipped Luke Cage and Iron Fist but may go back and rewatch.


Overall I really liked it. Made me like Luke Cage (who I wasn’t high on during Jessica Jones). Iron Fist or Ironclad wasn’t bad either. I really liked the dynamic between everyone. It also reminded me of why I love Jessica Jones so much. She continues to be one of my favorites and cannot wait for seasons 2. I loved that everyone had their own story that lead them together. It makes me wish CW would do a crossover special outside of the season but thats unlikely.

I did not have context on Cage or Fist but it didn’t hinder my experience and the show showed and told me enough to figure things out. The Defenders felt like real heroes. More heroic than most of the MCU heroes IMO so great job. Jokes and seriousness well balanced. Never too dark or silly. Honestly there’s very little bad I can think of. That was til the end…

The end fight between Daredevil and Elekra was both epic and sad. They seemingly die in each other’s arms. Bitter sweet. A tragic end that brought me to tears and effected everyone. I found it pretty cool that they’d kill off the hero who started this Netflix universe. However being both a comic book series and a TV show I had a feeling that they might do the typical fake out thing. it’s a trope at least. Once Karen was talking about a feeling she had I knew they were going to do it. Of course switch to Matt in a bed recovering.

I know no one stays dead in comics. I know MCU has a habit of faking deaths. I buy the resurrection stuff with Ekekra and The Hand. But this universe was mostly grounded. If someone dies or sacrifices their live for the greater good, that should mean something. Now I feel stupid for caring he died because he somehow survived. Death is supposed to mean something yet it feels like it’s something minor to shake off. The Moffat era of Doctor Who was plagued with people dying but not dying. Arrowverse and MCU has done it. DCEU gets a pass with Superman but of comic book storyline but if I see Steve Rogers again, yeah I will not be happy.

Honestly the fake death was a shit end to a otherwise great season. Yes I know we didn’t see them die nor did want them dead. But you could have at least let me believe they were until he showed up in another show. I would have been least upset. Instead, “Ahh fuck they’re dead. Wait. False alarm. That emotional impact is empty now”. I’m sure Gao is alive too though I assume she left when she retreated.

Those are my thoughts. Please, feel free to share yours or try to change my feeling on the fake death. Ciao


Arrow style opening: Wonder Vixen

My name is Amelia Kiasner. I use to be your typical college freshman. That was until the night I found a super cute choker! I like to call it Alien Wear. Because as it turns out, it’s out of this world. It bonded with my DNA. Enhancing my human abilities. In time, I learned how to unlock it’s secrets and powers. Now with the aid of my mentor Green Dragon, and support from my friends Izzy and Suvi. I’m going to help make the world a better place by giving the people hope. This world is walking on the edge of darkness everyday. I’m going to cast a light on it. To make that edge, a little father away. For I am Wonder Vixen! I’m going to rock your world.


WIP: Izzy

The following is something I am currently writing but it is unfinished. I plan to add more to the story. I am wanting feedback. Some ideas I had didn’t make this draft for the high school part. Such as Izzy and Amelia being best friends since high school or the friends Izzy did have leaving her because she didn’t grow out of her “phase”. 

As far as what’s next in the story, I have things that need to happen but unsure how to play them out so far. Izzy’s girlfriend is mention in the start. Who is she and how do they meant? Was it love at first sight? Izzy has only been with men but has she felt attracted to women in the past? I know the answers but finding the right way to play it out is difficult. Also must explain how Izzy and Amelia become friends. Would be easier if they met in school or college. I’m still thinking of ideas. 

Either way please enjoy. 



Hello, my name is Isabella Shaw, but my friends call me Izzy. I am writing this because my beautiful girlfriend insisted that I do it. I don’t know why but rest assured, I’ll force her to as well! Now where do I start?

I grew up in the south. Hearing stories about superheroines engaging in great battles against villainous baddies. They were the ultimate good vs evil. When I was a kid, my brother and I would pretend to be heroes and villains.

Despite being told these stories were nothing more than fairy tails. I always believed in them. I found the fascinating and inspiring. Of course as I grew older, my classmates felt that this was something to tease me about.

It started in middle school but really picked up steam in high school. Openingly mock me in class. Trip me in the hallways. Teachers seem to look at me as if I did something wrong. Luckily, I thought at least, I meat a cute boy named Jacob Taylor. Tall dark and handsome. Yes please! He didn’t look at me strange or treat me like a child. He was 3 years ahead of me and full of himself but it was somehow charming. We hit it off fast and I fell hard. We started dating and it was all great in the beginning.

After a couple of months, he started pressuring me. He wanted sex. I wasn’t ready but I didn’t want yo disappoint him. So I decided to gave him a blow job. It did please him and he’d ask for them almost daily.

That winter I gave him my virginity. Few weeks later, on my birthday, I discovered he was cheating on me with another senior. I was heart broken. I had no one to confide in but a friend I made online.

The day before prom he dumped me and took the exchange student instead. Jacob liked to keep me around until he found someone new. Once he finished with them he come back to me. He knew how to play me and I was stupid enough to fall for it. I wanted to believe him. Anytime I tried to move on, he was there making me feel guilty for it.

My remaining school years I kept to myself. Writing was my escape from the world of havoc. Writing poetry of my feelings or stories of space adventures. It’s what got me through high school. I loved it so much that I wanted to become an author. That would be my goal. A novel. Until perhaps I could write a blog? Maybe there was someone out there who believed as I do.

Jacob had graduated my freshman year but we were off and on for years. Any other relationships I had or tried to have, didn’t last long. If I was going to truly move on, I needed to get away. So once I got a job, I started saving. Once I had enough money, I made plans to move up north.

– E


I feel as if I’m on stand by
Waiting for an action command
Where do I go?
What do I do?
My days are empty of accomplishments
My failures are winning the battle
My confident is losing the war
I close my eyes hoping for a win
I close my eyes fearing it’ll be the end
My smiles are fake and broken
My depression goes unspoken
I use my mask to protect my soul
For the world is so very cold